Three cheers for Cooliris

Cooliris launches publishers network Apologies to our readers for being down for a week. We had a mean hack that caused lots of disruption to our system. We’re back up though with some extra padlocks on our door and hopefully will stay that way.

One of our favorite browser extensions comes from our friends at Cooliris. We’ve been watching their product turn Web browsing on its head as it turns your browser into a 3D experience.

And, we’re all too happy today to see the launch of their publishing networks which enables advertisers to subtly integrate their images into the experience. As TechCrunch notes, this is an exciting step for the startup as it moves to solidify its business model…which in this economy is a good thing to be doing with that investment money.

See their first campaign execution after the jump.

Here’s the first official execution of this luxury automobile brand. We look forward to more from Cooliris, and are excited to see which advertisers will step up to play in this space.

If you haven’t already, download the Cooliris browser extension to see why this tool made it into our 2009 Trends.