Join the click Clik clique

This week we’ve been playing with Clik at the lab. To use it, you simply pull up in a web browser. If you don’t already have the mobile app, scanning the QR code takes you to the mobile app in your device’s applicable app store. If you scan the code with the Clik app, you take control of the screen and can play YouTube videos on it. Your screen becomes a TV and your device becomes a remote.

One thing I really like about it is that you don’t need to sign in with a username or password to use it. The interaction is pretty instant. That may pose limitations in terms of desired social functionality down the road, but for now I think it works rather well.

Also, unlike other software such as AirPlay that requires devices to be on the same wireless network, this uses your device’s data connection. So this means you can use this in Out of Home contexts where few people would go to the trouble of joining a wifi network just to control a screen.