Strategy Analytics Report On Cloud Market Share

Oftentimes, companies focus on market share for hardware and software, but in today’s world cloud media services are an increasingly important service for our devices, and Strategy Analytics has, for the first time, quantified market share data: Apple’s iCloud and iTunes Match are the leaders for cloud services in the U.S. at a combined 27% of usage. This makes sense, as apple has tried its hardest to ensure that the majority of users are synced into the cloud network, especially on iOS 5. For others, the gap is significantly smaller. Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Player are at 17% and 115% respectively, while Google Drive is hovering at just 10%. One of the most striking conclusions of the study: music is the driving force of cloud utilization, as audio represents 45% of the content on cloud-based any platform. At the same time, it’s clear that the cloud hasn’t fully developed: 55% of those asked hadn’t used a cloud service at all; it appears that there’s a long way to go before everybody is interacting with the cloud.