Is Chromecast As Open As Advertised?

Google’s Chromecast made waves because it’s cheap, and actually does what it promises to do. It also comes with its own apps and development tools, meaning that the utilizations for the device could be endless – that is until Google released an update that cut off the open development of the platform after an Android developer reverse enginered the Chromecast to let users stream anything straight from their Android smartphones. Called AllCast, the app broadcasts anything and everything from the device, until Google’s latest update cut off the workaround. As far as development goes, it means that the ecosystem will likely be relatively constrained.  But as far as trends are concerned, this move has vast implications for the Chromecast network; it means that sponsored material and app-based streaming are the only possible way forward for the technology, and that brands will have a strong hand to play in terms of branded, casted content.