Partner Spotlight: Higi

Higi is  reinventing the in-store health kiosk experience with a hardware solution aimed at bringing quantified self to the masses.  We first met them at SXSW over a year ago and they’ve expanded rapidly, most notably closing a deal this month with IZ-ON Media that will put their hardware stations in 10,000 locations— including 4,100 Rite Aids and 1,800 Publix stores.  Higi refers to their target market as “Pre-Quantified Self” consumers.

What is Pre-Quantified Self?

The Quantified Self movement is exactly what it sounds like: people using technology to gather data about themselves throughout the day so they can improve their own lives.  We’ve seen a number of wearables and apps catch on in this space to measure fitness, sleep, and more, including products from Fitbit, Jawbone, GeoPalz, Withings, and Basis.  Consumers adopting these technologies tend to already be tech savvy, but Higi’s goal is to onboard less gadget-minded people into the world of quantified self by introducing them to the category in supermarkets and pharmacies.  They refer to this broad target audience as “Pre-Quantified Self.”

How does Higi work?

Higi stations typically live in the pharmacy department and allow you to weigh yourself (by sitting on the unit’s bench), take your blood pressure, and input basic information like height and age.  Once your information is collected, you’re given a Higi score— a number that indicates the general state of your health.  You set up an account at the machine and are encouraged to download the companion mobile app to continue tracking and improving your health in the future.  The app allows you to include information about a variety of activities, including your dietary habits.

What opportunities do Higi stations present for advertisers?

With a regular flow of people taking their blood pressure in-store, Higi stations literally deliver a captive audience, and advertisers have the opportunity to serve video ads on two screens within the station— one at the eye level for people sitting and another at eye level for shoppers walking by.  Higi’s deal with IZ-ON Media will allow brands to easily target consumers at scale while they interact with the stations.  The machines are also outfitted with the capability to print information, and in the future it’s likely that brands will be able to offer coupons to users tailored to their health needs.