Five Must-See Highlights From The 2015 MAGNA GLOBAL Global Ad Forecast

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Our sibling agency MAGNA GLOBAL released their annual Global Ad Forecast for 2015 earlier today. Here are the top five statistical highlights:

  1. Globally, media owner advertising revenues are forecast to grow by +4.8% in 2015 to reach $536 billion, surpassing the half-trillion milestone. MAGNA forecast global digital revenues to reach 30% market share globally in 2015 (+15.1% to $163 billion).

  2. Domestically, media owners advertising revenues grew by +4.0% this year to $165 billion in the US – an acceleration compared to 2013 (+2.4%) but below previous expectations.

  3. Digital media grew strongly again this year (+17.2% to $142 billion) driven by mobile campaigns (+72%) and social formats (+64%).  Based on long-term forecasts, digital media will catch up with television in 2019, when both account for 38% of global advertising revenues.

  4. Digital media is already the #1 media category in 14 of the 73 markets analyzed by MAGNA GLOBAL in this update, including the UK (highest share in the world: 47%), Australia, Canada, Germany, China, Sweden and the Netherlands. In the US, digital will outgrow television revenues by 2017.

  5. Most other media categories suffered from the competition of television and digital in 2014. Newspaper ad sales decreased by an average -4.3% while magazines ad revenues shrank by -7.3%. Radio was flat (+0.1%) and out-of-home media grew by +3.4%.