Tinder Claims Over One In Five Users Swipe Right For Brands

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As the most popular dating app, Tinder has attracted a fair number of brands that wishes to woo young, single consumers active on its platform. Our POV on dating apps detailed some prime examples of Promoted Profiles, which allows advertisers to create “dating profiles” for brands. If users swipes right on those profiles, brands will be enabled to send them more content via chat messages.

Tinder has rarely revealed any of the stats regarding its ad offerings, but Sean Rad, co-founder of Tinder, just claimed that over twenty percent of users swiped right on brand profiles, and that this engagement rate remains consistent throughout various campaigns. Rod also mentioned that the average user spends 11 minutes a day swiping and texting through Tinder.

While the authenticity of these numbers would be difficult to verify, there is no denying that fractured mobile users are increasingly consuming media content on new platforms. Therefore, brands need to go where the audience is going, even if that means an eighty percent “left-swipe” rejection rate.