Hands-Free Tinder Lets Your Heart (Rate) Do The Swiping

At the beginning of this year, we explored in our 2015 Outlook the concept of “Measurable Intimacy” – the idea that mobile devices, powered by the myriad of sensors embedded within, are making user engagement and their emotional responses increasingly measurable. Now, a new Apple Watch app for Tinder taps into the heart rate sensor on the Watch to create a new user experience of the popular mobile dating app.

Developed by U.S. innovation agency T3, the Hands-Free Tinder app monitors Tinder users’ heart rate while they look through pictures of potential matches. Using a baseline measurement, it will swipe right if the pulse goes up by at least 10% and swipe left if there’s minimal change after about 6 seconds of measuring. An ingenious usage of the sensors on wearables, this app finds a fun, innovative way to incorporate biometric data into real-time user experience, truly unleashing the potential of Measureable Intimacy.


Source: Hands-Free Tinder by T3; Header image screen captured from source video.