Twitter Makes Push For App-Install Ads

Ad units designed for pushing mobile users to download apps has been one of the hottest ad products recently. According to BI Intelligence, US mobile app-install ad revenue was $3.6 billion in 2014, accounting for about 30% of mobile ad revenue last year, and it is estimated to top $4.6 billion in 2015. So it is understandable that the major tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter are all locked in a tight race pushing for ad-install ads on their respective ad platforms. Among them, Facebook seems to be leading the game so far, with Yahoo being a close second.

And now, Twitter is making some extra efforts to make its app-install ad product more appealing to mobile advertisers. It will add videos to app promotion ads so mobile users can see how the app works in action. More importantly, Twitter will soon start charging only for the apps that are fully downloaded, instead of the current industry standard of clickthroughs. Together these two new options offer mobile advertisers a more visually impressive and fairly priced ad unit for driving app downloads, which could just be what Twitter needs to become a contender for the mobile ad dollars. It will also make the decision to advertise on Twitter easier as advertisers will only pay for success and will go in with the knowledge that Twitter is incentivized to make sure these ads perform.

Source: AdAge