Weinstein Targets Frequent Movie-Goers With Purchase Data

The Weinstein Company is leveraging big data to target movie-goers who go to theaters at least once a month. Working with data platform Cardlytics, the company is tapping into more than $1.5 trillion of debit and credit-card transactions from over 500 banks to pinpoint the consumers who frequently buy tickets at movie theaters. The studio’s media agency, Palisades MediaGroup then uses the anonymized data to serve up video and mobile ads of an upcoming Weinstein movie to the selected movie-goers.

While a great use of behavioral data for ad targeting, this campaign verges on the murky territory of consumer privacy violation. While the company claims that the banks only use data from customers who have opted in to a rewards program in order to comply with privacy standards, it remains unknown if those who were targeted gave their consent to have their purchases data to be resold to a third-party company for targeting purposes. We laid out some crucial points in using behavior data for ad targeting in our recent POV, and you can click here to read for additional insights on the topic.


Source: Marketing Land