Pinterest Goes Hyperlocal By Adding Location Data To Its Pins

What Happened
On Tuesday, Pinterest introduced an update to its Place Pins feature, which automatically expanded location data to approximately 7 billion pins. When users save a Place Pin, its app now shows a map with other pins saved from the same location and nearby. Designed to increase its local discovery capability, the updated pins with geo-tags will also allow users to get directions through Google and Apple maps, call a local merchant, or check reviews from previous visitors.

What Brands Need To Do
Pinterest has long enjoyed its reputation among social networks as a “Sales Conversion Powerhouse,” beating all other social media sites in U.S. ecommerce conversion rate and accounted for 22 percent more sales than Facebook despite far fewer users, according to a 2014 study by Shopify. Therefore, local businesses should consider leveraging this new feature on Pinterest to organically reach new customers by correctly indexing the location information of their businesses and creating appealing Place Pins for their products and storefronts.


Source: The Next Web