Flipboard Launches New Ad Product To Let Advertisers Target By Interests

What Happened
Today, Flipboard launched a new ad product that allows advertisers to target based on topics using its Interest Graph, which maps the intricate connections between people, content, and interests on Flipboard. For example: an advertiser that chooses to target with coffee-related topics may also have their ads shown with craft beer topics, because Flipboard’s data shows that many of its users who read stories about coffee also care about stories on craft beer.  

What Brands Need To Do
With this new ad product, Flipboard, which boasts 80 million monthly active users, is now opening up its user behavioral data to advertisers and brands to help them expand the reach of their messages beyond their initially intended demo. This represents one of the newest examples in the on-going shift from the traditional age-and-gender-based demographic targeting towards a more data-driven, interest-based post-demographic targeting. It is a trend that brands of all verticals can tap into for a more personalized and effective targeting. We detailed this shift and some ensuing tactics that brands can use in our recent POV on Tribal Marketing, which you can read here.


Source: TechCrunch