Voxelus To Launch The Largest VR Content Marketplace In Early 2016

What Happened
Voxelus, a new virtual reality content platform, has announced its plan to launch the “largest VR content marketplace” in the first quarter of 2016. Last month, Voxelus launched Creator, software that allows users to build VR content without writing a single line of code. Now with this new marketplace, Voxelus aims to facilitate the sale of user-generated VR content as well as facilitate collaborations between content creators.

What Brands Need To Do
2016 is poised to be a monumental year for virtual reality. With the $99 Samsung Gear VR coming this Christmas and Facebook’s Oculus shipping its first consumer-facing headset in Q1 2016, virtual reality is nearing a tipping point of mass adoption. In preparation of this nascent medium, some early-adopting brands, such as Marriott Hotel and Target, already dabbled in producing their own branded VR content. This marketplace by Voxelus could provide an open platform for brands to team up with media owners and content creators to help produce their own VR content, and therefore is something that all brands looking to develop VR content should keep an eye on.


Source: PSFK