Facebook Has A Potential Answer To Twitter’s Moments

What Happened
Earlier this month, Twitter launched an important new feature called “Moments,” which has curated collections of tweets based on live events and news items. Now Facebook is reportedly testing a similar feature that categorizes posts into different feeds by topics,  therefore improving ad relevancy and targeting users based on interests. The topics currently available in pilot testing include Animals & Pets, Food, Health & Fitness, and Sports.

What Brands Need To Do
Like Twitter’s Moments, this new feature can provide brands with specific channels to reach different audience segments based on their interests, such as a snack brand reaching foodies in the Food feed, or a pet store chain reaching potential customers by posting cute pet videos, while also amplifying the reach of their branded content. Combined with Facebook’s rich sets of user data and diverse ad products, this new feature may turn out to be a great marketing channel with strong behavioral targeting capabilities that brands should pay attention to.


Source: AdWeek