Twitter Now Serves Native Video Ads Via Its MoPub Marketplace

What Happened
Twitter announced at its Flight developer conference yesterday it has added the capability of serving native video ads in third-party apps to its in-app ad network MoPub Marketplace. Available for all developers and app publishers, this new native ad product features a video and a call-to-action button, similar to those on Twitter itself, in a style that can be customized to blend in with the content feed in third-party apps.

What Brands Need To Do
This new ad product came on the heels of a new ad network for pre-roll video ads that Twitter introduced last week, signaling Twitter’s determination in pushing further into the video ads market and contend with YouTube and Facebook. Compared to other common digital ads, native in-app ads bear no risk of being blocked by ad-blockers, which have seen rapidly increasing adoption this year. For brands looking to reach today’s mobile-first consumers, these two new video ad products from Twitter may prove useful.


Source: Marketing Land