Facebook To Make Its In-App Content Searchable By Google

What Happened
Google’s effort to keep its search engine relevant in a mobile-first world just got a boost from one of its biggest rival. On Friday, Facebook began allowing Google to crawl and index its mobile app. Google searches on Android devices will now surface information from public Facebook profiles, Pages, Groups, and Events, all embedded with deep links that will direct users to the content within Facebook’s app.

What Brands Need To Do
In order to make its search more useful on mobile devices, and therefore not losing a big portion of its search ad dollars to apps, Google has been working on convincing app developers to index their apps for deep linking. Meanwhile, Facebook looks to route more users to its mobile app via Google search, thus further cementing its lead in mobile attention. For brands, this means their Facebook content will become more discoverable, increasing their content reach.


Source: Wall Street Journal