Bitly Now Lets Brands Track Links By Channel

What Happened
Popular link-shortening service Bitly has added a new measurement tool named Bitly Campaigns, which allows marketers to create and track links across multiple channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, web pages, emails, text messages, or even within an app (Bitly supports deep-linking within a destination app). It also helps marketers easily compare the campaign performance across all paid and earned media channels in a dashboard.

What Brands Need To Do
Previously, Bitly would provide brands with some basic channel tracking based on getting refer data from a location’s source. But since not all channels pass on refer info (such as SSL encrypted sites, apps, and texts), marketers have been calling for a more sophisticated channel-tracking tool. Bitly Campaigns follows Bitly’s previous efforts in making its platform more brand-friendly, with data-driven products such as Audience Data and Audience Intel, and it can offer brands using Bitly the ability to do some granular tracking so as to finetune their campaigns.


Source: Marketing Land