How Izze Hacked Instagram To Create A Gamified Experience

What Happened
Beverage brand Izze has found an interesting new way to market on Instagram. Working with Omnicom’s The Integer Group, the brand built a choose-your-own-adventure type experience on Instagram. Users tap through multiple themed accounts, each posing a question with six clickable answers in the photos that are linked to corresponding accounts using Instagram’s tagging feature. Users will eventually arrive at one of three destination accounts based on the answers they choose. Each of the endpoints represents a special holiday recipe and a link in each account bio will redirect users to a web page with links to Amazon and Pinterest, where they can buy Izze products and kitchen goods, and find the corresponding recipes.

What Brands Need To Do
Instagram has long been a favorite social channel among marketers and brands for its visual-heavy, tailored-for-mobile aesthetic. But its restriction on hyperlinks – no links in captions or comments, only one allowed for each account, save for sponsored posts with call-to-action buttons – has left some marketers frustrated, inspiring them to come up with hacks such as this new Izze campaign and a similar one launched in July for Adult Swim’s animated series Rick and Morty. For brands seeking new ways to engage their audience and move them down the sales funnel, this Izze campaign provides a great example in doing so by building a fun and interactive experience on Instagram.  


Source: AdWeek