Global Watch: Apple Pay Continues Its International Expansion

What Happened
Apple Pay continues its global expansion as it enters two new major international markets this week. Apple’s mobile payment solution officially launched in Canada on Tuesday, and will become available in Australia starting this Thursday. In both countries, however, Apple Pay will be limited to supporting American Express cards for now, as part of Apple’s global partnership with AmEx. Moreover, Apple Pay has also added support for two major British banks Tesco and TSB 4 months after its initial launch in July, further expanding its scope in the U.K. market.

What Brands Need To Do
Since its initial launch over a year ago, Apple Pay has come a long way, gaining growing support from banks and merchants. Last month, Starbucks, KFC, and Chili’s became the most recent companies that added support for Apple Pay in their U.S. stores. As Apple pushes Apple Pay into more global markets, it is set to capture more global users in the process. For brands that have a presence in those aforementioned markets, this presents a good opportunity to target local consumers using Apple Pay’s integration of reward programs.  


Source: Apple Insider