Target’s Discount App Cartwheel Adds Support For Digital Coupons

What Happened
Target is expanding its branded discount shopping app Cartwheel to help customers save even more at checkout. Through a partnership with Quotient, a third-party provider of digital coupons from manufacturers, Target shoppers can now enjoy steeper discounts on a wider range of products. Moreover, the app is able to receive communication from the beacons that Target is installing in their stores, allowing the retailer to serve customers with contextually relevant information and brand messages.

What Retailers Need To Do
Adding support for digital coupons should attract more budget-conscious shoppers to Cartwheel, which Target says is already “used by millions.” Cartwheel not only provides Target with a valuable sales channel to reach mobile shoppers, it also lays a solid foundation for Target’s beacon initiative. More retailers should consider developing similar mobile commerce channels to engage today’s connected shoppers.

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Source: TechCrunch