Interactive Video Ads Are Coming To Facebook And Instagram

What Happened
Soon brands will be able to engage Facebook and Instagram users with interactive video ads thanks to a beta program launched by video marketing firm Innovid today. British tea and coffee brand Taylors of Harrogate ran a campaign last December to test the format on Facebook with some positive results. The 30-second video ad invited desktop viewers to tap on an embedded button to pull up an overlaid window where they could take a branded quiz, purchase featured products, and sign up for newsletters. Mobile viewers will be able to click on the videos to open a webpage where they can enjoy the same interactive experience.

What Brands Need To Do
According to research by the IAB, interactive video ads drive higher brand lift than non-interactive ones and boast an 8% lift in purchase intent. Similarly, a 2015 study from Innovid which measured global impressions delivered to desktop browsers via its platform in 2014, also found that interactive video ads outperformed standard pre-rolls across almost all metrics. By making its interactive video ads compatible with Facebook and Instagram videos, Innovid is opening up new opportunities for brands to more effectively engage with consumers on social media. Brands should consider trying out this new format to step up their video ad game and move consumers down the sales funnel.


Source: AdWeek