Facebook Partners With Three Third-Party Firms To Improve Its Ad Metrics

What Happened
Facebook is expanding its third-party verification program to incorporate ad metrics from Nielsen, comScore, and Integral Ad Science into its ad platform to improve Its ad measurement and viewability transparency. Now brands advertising on Facebook can choose from these well-known audience measurement firms when they want an outside perspective to measure the effectiveness of ads on the social network. The integration of Nielsen metrics, for example, will allow brand marketers to buy video ads on Facebook similarly to the way they buy traditional TV ads and use Nielsen’s day-parting and DMA targeting tools,

What Brands Need To Do
This move from Facebook echoes with Snapchat’s decisions earlier this year to partner with Nielsen and comScore to improve its ad measurement and appeal to brand advertisers. As the social and messaging platforms continue to improve their video ad products, making it easier for advertisers to transition from buying TV ads to video ads on digital channels, brands should also consider reevaluating their media mix and reallocating the video ad spending accordingly.


Source: AdWeek