SXSW 2017: Kasita Aims To Commodify The Smart Home Experience

What Happened
Kasita is an one-year-old startup based in Austin, TX that wants to transform the way people think about home ownership and interior design by providing the perfect modern home experience. The startup developed a prototype unit, a compact modular home that can be transported from city to city without the need for boxing up everything first. The company announced at SXSW today that it has started taking orders for units based on the prototype, which will cost around $139,000 each.

Catering to its millennial customers, Kasita’s prefab units will come integrated with many advanced smart home devices, including an Amazon Echo smart speaker, a Doorbird smart doorbell, glass windows with adjustable transparency, and many other smart home appliances. The entire smart home experience will be manageable via the Kasita app, allowing for a unified control and user experience.

What Brands Need To Do
According to IHS Markit, 80 million smart home devices were delivered worldwide in 2015, a 64 percent increase compared to the year before. As mainstream consumers start to embrace smart home devices, Kasita’s unique approach to designing a holistic smart home experience should serve as an inspiration to hospitality and travel brands, who need to strive to provide guests a convenient and personalized experience. They can deliver a modernized guest experience by leveraging the slew of smart home devices and on-demand services, and truly makes the guests feel at home by letting them talk to Alexa or log into Netflix the same way they would at home.


Source: AustinInno

Header image courtesy of Kasita’s website