Media Trial Report: Context And Device Key To Effectiveness For Outstream Video Ads

Yume, Magna, The IPG Media Lab Conduct Comprehensive Study On The Impact Of Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll And Outstream Ad Video Formats

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Much of our past video research has been conducted on pre-roll, but we now have more video ad format options than ever. Viewability and inventory issues have also led to new tactics, such as outstream or in-read video.

In order to provide our clients with scientific evidence on how each format should be leveraged, we partnered with YuMe on a comprehensive media trial accounted for not only a wide-array of video formats but also 12 ad strategies, such as contextual relevance, ad length, creative type, and more.

The resulting report, titled Ad Format (R)evolution, reveals key areas for digital growth, including the user experience across video ad formats and devices, performance against brand KPIs, and strategy optimization.

Key findings include:

• Our old video standard, unskippable pre-roll, still holds its weight. Despite being less intrusive than mid-roll and outstream, it achieves the greatest break-through (ad recall).
• Consumers tend to give mid-roll a pass. It feels most intrusive, but consumers find it less annoying than the newer outstream formats.
• Social video offers a unique environment on mobile, allowing ads to feel the most integrated with the content.
• Outstream appears to miss out on the novelty effect we often see with new ad products. However, outstream is rated much more positively among those who complete it, indicating good targeting is key.

For the full report, please click here