Coke Rewards Workers With Care Packages Sent From Drones

As part show of goodwill and part marketing stunt, Coca Cola has dropped care packages to migrant workers building skyscrapers in Singapore. Some 2,500 workers, often overlooked and underpaid, were given encouraging photos from Singapore residents as well as cans of Coke, of course. Coca Cola has been exploring all sorts of stunts as part of their “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” campaign and drones certainly fit the bill. The buzzworthy tech is capable of delivering all sorts of goods and capturing stunning aerial shots.

Chipotle Looks For TV Partner For Series

Chipotle recently produced Farmed and Dangerous, a Hulu series that seeks to be standalone entertainment rather than branded content. The four part mini-series comically condemns the industrial food system and after an initial reach, is seeking a TV network like a Showtime to continue the show. What’s more interesting is that Chipotle spent $1 million on production and developed the concept internally. The move raises two big issues. One, is the ROI justified and two, can branded entertainment run on ad-supported channels without conflict?

Microsoft’s Advertises Through YouTube Content Creators

The paid and earned lines are increasingly blurring. While media owners disclose paid content whether it be native ads or branded content, Microsoft’s YouTube promotion is less transparent. The tech company is paying $3 CPM for YouTube content creators to mention the Xbox One and incorporate game footage with a maximum payout of $3,750 for 1.25 million views.  An alternative campaign might be creating a UGC contest around gameplay footage which would achieve a similar outcome.