Coke Rewards Workers With Care Packages Sent From Drones

As part show of goodwill and part marketing stunt, Coca Cola has dropped care packages to migrant workers building skyscrapers in Singapore. Some 2,500 workers, often overlooked and underpaid, were given encouraging photos from Singapore residents as well as cans of Coke, of course. Coca Cola has been exploring all sorts of stunts as part of their “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” campaign and drones certainly fit the bill. The buzzworthy tech is capable of delivering all sorts of goods and capturing stunning aerial shots.

MyRideBuddy Offsets Cost For 1 Million Commuters

In Singapore, commuters are taking advantage of a new, shared transport network called MyRideBuddy. The peer-to-peer rideshare provider allows people to get to where they want to go faster – while meeting new people – by matching drivers with riders for carpooling, and it sells itself by suggesting that it allows riders to link with other like-minded individuals to share a ride. To do this, participants register as Car Owner, Ride Taker, or Both, and the system matches people based on their desired journey requirements and mobile numbers. Riders are charged a ride fee plus a small transaction fee, which are passed on to car owners to offset transportation costs. In Singapore, over 1 million rides take place in more than 500,000 vehicles every day, and so MyRideBuddy facilitates more than formalizes the informal exchange of getting a ride while adding security, user agreements, and payment transaction benefits to the experience while, upon hitting a certain threshold of users, reducing traffic congestion, pollution, and personal driving expenses. 

Samsung Puts NFC Stickers in Samsung Coffee Chain

In an effort to increase NFC adoption in Singapore, Samsung has placed NFC stickers in all 51 Singapore outlets of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, prompting users to tap a poster and like the brand’s Facebook page for a free drink upgrade.  The promotion runs until March 7, and is just another part of Singapore’s attempt at building a thriving NFC ecosystem including a nationally standardized touchless payment system.  So far, adoption rates have been low, but perhaps this short promotion with Samsung backing could tip the trend.

Uber Rolls Into Singapore and Plans Further Asian Expansion

Popular car service Uber has rolled into Singapore, signaling the beginning of a planned expansion for the growing company into several Asian markets.  Early tests of the service reveal that they are differentiating from other mobile-enabled car services by offering a premium service at a higher price.  Similar start-ups are turning their eyes to Asia as well, as they begin to explore opportunities outside Europe and North America, seeing it as a tech and entrepreneurial hub ripe for massive growth.