Tubular Labs Introduces Measurements For Branded Video

What Happened
Digital video analytics firm Tubular Labs wants to set the standard for branded video with the launch of its Tubular Video Ratings. The metrics are designed to be what Nielsen ratings are to TV ads for the online videos that brands create with publishers and social influencers. One of the metrics, for example, is the “ER30,” which stands for “engagement rate of a video during its first 30 days.” The metrics are calculated based on the data Tubular collects from Facebook, YouTube, and other video platforms, specifically engagement data points such as Likes, comments, and shares.

What Brands Need To Do
As more and more consumers start to use ad-blockers and opt for the ad-free experiences provided by SVOD services such as Netflix, more and more brands are turning to branded or sponsored video to reach their audiences on social and digital channels. However, the lack of a measurement standard in digital video is making it difficult for brand advertisers, especially those transitioning to digital from traditional media, to effectively plan and evaluate their branded video efforts. It remains to be seen whether the industry will embrace the Tubular Video Ratings, but it can at least be a point of reference for brands venturing into branded content.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

How Instagram’s New App Is Helping Brands

Earlier this week, Instagram released a free app named Hyperlapse, which allows users to create speeded-up time-lapse videos and share to Instagram with ease. Some brands have already been taking full advantage of the app to pack more content into their branded videos—a real benefit as most social media platforms put a time limit on video length. In this ever-shifting market landscape, quickly adopting emerging tech tools is becoming increasingly important for brands of all types.

What’s New About Twitter’s New Promoted Video Ads

Today Twitter launched a beta of Promoted Video ads, a service that will give brands a new set of video tools for uploading and distributing video on its platform. Interestingly, Twitter opted for a Cost Per View (CPV) ad buying model, only charging the advertisers by the play counts of branded videos. While the jury is still out on whether promoted videos will effectively create a more engaging brand experience on Twitter, advertisers will no doubt welcome this fair pricing model.