Canadian Coke Uses AR To Add Spotify Music To Bottles

What Happened
As part of a returning marketing campaign Play a Coke, Coca-Cola and Spotify is teaming up to offer Canadian consumers a unique product experience. Customers are encouraged to download a special mobile app and use it to scan the special a promotional label on a Coke or Sprite bottle, which would unlock one of 189 themed-Spotify playlists such as BBQ Time and Nothing But Net. Users can browse through different playlist by rotating the bottle in their hand, making it an interactive AR experience. Coca-cola says thirty million such bottles are expected to ship for the Canadian market during this campaign.

What Brands Need To Do
Last summer, Pokémon Go introduced mobile AR technology to mainstream consumers, but brands are only starting to explore the possibilities that AR marketing brings. This is the latest example of how brands, especially CPG brands, can leverage AR technology to add interactive experiences to products and deliver a rich customer experience. Such a mobile-based interactive experience offers an easy way to introduce AR technology to your brand’s digital assets and deliver an engaging customer experience. Brands should take advantage of this trend to experiment with camera-enabled AR interfaces and interactive experiences.

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Source: VR Focus


Coke Refreshes Digital Loyalty Program With March Madness-Themed Rewards

What Happened
Coca-Cola has launched a new digital promotion called NCAA March Madness Bracket Refresh in support of its long-standing sponsorship of the college basketball tournament. As part of the promotional campaign, the company is offering limited-edition bottles customized with team names exclusively on Fans enrolled in Coke’s loyalty program can unlock an NCAA team on Coke’s NCAA tournament brackets when they scan a Coca-Cola or Powerade product code by using their phone’s camera or by manually entering the code online. Fans with the winning teams on their brackets can unlock rewards such as digital content, movie gift cards, online retailer gift cards and an entry into a sweepstake for $25k cash.

What Brands Need To Do
In January, Coca-Cola announced it is phasing out its My Coke Rewards loyalty program and promised to replace it with a more “digitally focused” loyalty program, which is set to debut on this July. This March Madness-themed promotion, therefore, seems to be positioned as a transitioning program to tide over the fans till the new loyalty program arrives. Nevertheless, this promotional campaign puts a personalized spin on NCAA brackets challenges by allowing fans to purchase customized bottles to show support for their team and earn rewards. It demonstrates a clever way to devise a sports event tie-in promotions, an approach that many other brands can apply to make their loyalty programs more engaging.


Source: Business Wire


How Coca-Cola Tapped Proximity Tech For Precise Retargeting

What Happened
Coca-Cola worked with Norway’s CAPA cinemas and VG newspaper on a recent test campaign that leveraged Unacast’s beacon technology into high engagement and precise retargeting. The campaign ran on CAPA’s own app and targeted moviegoers with a free coke coupon, which 24% used. Unacast collected data about these users so that when any of them opened the VG news app, they would be retargeted with a Coca-Cola ad offering them a free ticket to be redeemed at the movie theater. The campaign proved successful, with 60 percent clicking on this ad and 20 percent redeeming the offer.

What Brands Can Do
As mobile-based proximity technology continues to mature, beacon-powered targeting has been winning over retailers with a high ROI, scalability, and precise targeting capabilities. For brands that are looking to connect their physical stores with digital assets, now is the time to tap into new applications enabled by beacons to create a holistic consumer experience across platforms.


Source: Mobile Marketer