Buzzfeed Introduces The Reaction Cam

Buzzfeed illicits some of the biggest reactions on the web so it’s not surprising to see they’ve figured out a way to let users get in on the action, all sponsored by Starbucks. Introduced as the reaction cam, users will be able to create and share three-second animated Gifs in response to Starbucks sponsored content on the site.  From GIFs to song remixes and six second videos, brands have never been in a better position to enable content creation through technology.    

Google Adds GIF Search

In a Google-dominant day, the company made another major announcement regarding the expansion of the popular search engine: it will now be adding a GIF filter to its search function, available today. The file-types filters that are filterable, located in “search tools,” now include faces, photos, clip art, and animated GIFs. The feature allows users to preview the animations directly within the results page, making executive decisions about which GIF to include in an email or blog post that much easier. Though GIFs have been included in search results in the past, this filter allows the user to search specifically for the animated GIFs. The deluge of animations in the digital age looks set to continue in full force thanks to this easy-to-use functionality.