Tumblr Launches GIF Maker To Help Brands Create Content

What Happened
Tumblr, home to endless reblogged GIFs, has finally come out with its own GIF-making tool to help users create fun animated images with ease. Aptly named GIF Maker, the new feature is built into Tumblr’s mobile app and can help you turn photo bursts and videos in your camera roll into GIFs. The Yahoo-owned microblogging platform has been paying special attention to GIFs as of late, introducing a GIF search function and a dedicated GIF-watching section named Tumblr TV in June.

What Brands Need To Do
GIFs have long been an uber-popular format in Tumblr’s ecosystem, and GIF Maker can help brands and marketers on Tumblr create more viral, shareable content. As Tumblr continues to make itself more brand-friendly and easier to use, brands should build a presence on this valuable content marketing platform and try out this new content creation tool.


Source: The Verge

Facebook Finally Extends GIFs Support To Brand Pages

What Happened
After years of restraint, Facebook finally caved and started supporting animated GIFs in regular user posts back in late May. Yet brand pages were shut out of GIF support. Until today, that is. The social network seemingly relaxed its no-GIFs-from-Pages policy, allowing brands like Wendy’s and Coca-Cola’s Brazilian brand Kuat to post GIFs.

What Brands Can Do
As a fun, short-form visual communication, GIFs have long been an Internet favorite across social media. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a GIF is at least a short novel. Well-crafted GIFs are practically silent, autoplay videos on loop, which makes them a suitable form for digital ads. Plus, they provide a good alternative to the dying Flash ads, and enjoy universal support across nearly all platforms. If your brand is looking to grab some eyeballs without being too disruptive, GIF ads would be one great way to do so.


Source: TechCrunch

Google Adds GIF Search

In a Google-dominant day, the company made another major announcement regarding the expansion of the popular search engine: it will now be adding a GIF filter to its search function, available today. The file-types filters that are filterable, located in “search tools,” now include faces, photos, clip art, and animated GIFs. The feature allows users to preview the animations directly within the results page, making executive decisions about which GIF to include in an email or blog post that much easier. Though GIFs have been included in search results in the past, this filter allows the user to search specifically for the animated GIFs. The deluge of animations in the digital age looks set to continue in full force thanks to this easy-to-use functionality.