Rumors Suggest Google Fiber Coming To Austin

Google and the City of Austin, Texas have sent out joint invites for a press conference that reports suggest could mean that Google Fiber is coming to the city. According to VentureBeat, several sources say that the announcement will revolve around this service, and not the previously-hinted-at new Google Campus. Austin is a logical expansion point for the service; it tried very hard to be the test city for the service, as it services companies like Texas Instruments, Samsung, IBM, AMD, and many startups just outside the city. In light of the recently-concluded SXSW it could be another big boon for Austin, bring more business, speed, and new companies to the area. 

Google Has Big Plans For Google Fiber

Google Fiber has mostly been Google’s pet project, but recent news from suggests the internet giant has big plans for their broadband initiative. Google’s Chariman Eric Schmidt recently announced that Fiber will no longer be just an experiment and that they will be expanding their footprint beyond their Kansas City trial. With many calling it the highest speed internet available, those outside of tornado alley can rejoice.