Mobile Sales Dominated Black Friday Sales, According To PayPal And Walmart

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Yesterday we covered the stellar performance of online sales this past Black Friday weekend, and now various sources are reporting the staggering growth of mobile shopping as well.

Walmart’s online store reported that mobile traffic constituted 70% of its pageviews over the Thanksgiving weekend. Its designated mobile app also reported over 4 times up in usage from the same time last year.

Similarly, PayPal also saw a 43% increase in PayPal mobile shoppers on Thanksgiving, and a 51% increase on Black Friday. Other firms saw mobile accounting for somewhere between 27-30% of sales. So if you haven’t paid much attention to mobile commerce, you might want to start now.

Infographic: U.S. Mobile Shoppers To Hit 111 Million In 2015

With the majority of Americans armed with smartphones, mobile shopping is reaching critical mass. Mashable has published a comprehensive infographic that maps out the trend, predicting mobile shoppers to grow to 111 million by 2015, up from 35 million in 2010. Books/magazines, tickets and music/videos are among the most popular purchases.

Mobile Apps Influence Shopping Experience

CNET and the IPG Media Lab recently partnered on a research project to uncover how mobile apps are being used by consumers to make purchase decisions. The research specifically tested the CNET Reviews app to explore opinions, influence and opportunities for both marketers and CNET. The findings are based on aggregated evaluations of thirty-six shoppers at a leading consumer electronics retailer, including pre and post-shopping interviews, in-store observation and physiological stimuli recording methods. Each participant was a well-informed consumer electronics shoppers and existing CNET user.

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