Reddit Launches Interest-Based Ad Targeting Product

What Happened
Reddit has offered subreddit-based ad targeting for a while now, but it is now broadening its targeting capability to be more interest-based, allowing brands to target audiences based on “a handful of predefined interests (e.g., sports, gaming, music, and more) which will be informed by which communities they frequent,” according to CEO Steve Huffman. Interestingly, Reddit is also allowing users to opt out of this new ad product so as to appease a significant portion of its user base that is adamantly anti-ad.

What Brands Should Do
This new interest-based ad product allows brand advertisers to reach an audience that shares a particular interest across different subreddits in a more effective way. Reddit currently has over 240 million monthly unique visitors, and despite its notoriously ad-avoidant user base, some brands such as Toyota and Ford have found moderate success in their content marketing efforts on Reddit by playing to user interests and sensibilities. If your brand wishes to incorporate Reddit into your marketing channel mix, this new ad targeting product should be useful to locate an engaged audience.


Source: Marketing Land

Reddit To Allow Brands To Sponsor User Posts

What Happened
Reddit is taking a big leap in ramping up its ad business by launching a new ad product called Promoted User Posts. Set to launch on August 4, this ad product will allow brand marketers to sponsor user-generated posts on Reddit. For example, if someone posted something interesting or humorous about a brand’s products and got some traction on Reddit, the brand can ask Reddit to contact the user for permission to sponsor that post so as to propel its reach. The sponsored posts will be featured in different subreddits – topic-based forums on Reddit – so that brands can target specific segments of users.

What Brands Need To Do
Reddit currently has over 240 million monthly unique visitors, but brands have historically found the site difficult to market on due to its lack of viable ad products and a notoriously anti-ads user base. Still, some brands such as Toyota and Ford have found moderate success in their content marketing efforts on Reddit by playing to user interests and sensibilities. This new ad product should make it easier for brands to tap into viral content gaining momentum on Reddit and reach a significant part of the global online audience.


Source: AdAge

Reddit To Create Original Video Content

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Continuing its trend toward generating content instead of aggregating it, Reddit is moving beyond podcasts with the launch of its video division, which will no doubt open up new monetization opportunities for the self-claimed “front page of the internet” site. Given the concentrated young male audience that Reddit generally attracts, this new video platform should be a great opportunity for brands looking to reach that highly coveted demo.

By creating its own video content, Reddit can tap into a more lucrative advertising format. Reportedly, the first patch of original content would be videos of its staple feature —the Ask Me Anything (AMA) interviews. After all, it makes perfect sense to develop videos based on a forum that even the sitting president appeared on in order to capitalize on that attention and fully explore its potential.


Why Reddit Is Diving Into Podcast

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Thanks to the viral popularity of Serial, podcasting has been enjoying a revival as a digital medium as of late, and several brands have been reaching out to its newfound audience. The latest to get onboard is Reddit, the self-proclaimed front page of the Internet, with an official podcast named Upvoted that discusses popular Reddit posts. Whether they can successfully turn the random musings and personal anecdotes that dominate Reddit into captivating audio storytelling remains to be seen, or rather, heard.


Reddit Gives Back By Introducing Their Own Cryptocurrency

Reddit, one of the biggest content sharing sites in the world, has raised $50 million in Series B on a $500 million valuation and, in a surprising move, plans to give back 10% of the round’s equity to the user community through its own cryptocurrency. With this move, Reddit could potentially revitalize its community while also introducing some new “freemium” features linked with its its own “reddit money”. This, in turn, could potentially open up a new revenue stream should Reddit decide to allow exchange with fiat money.

Imgur Debuts Android App

Imgur, known to most people as a simple but popular photo-sharing website favored mostly by Reddit users, officially launched its first mobile application today. Fitting with its off-kilter ways, the app is, as of yet, Android only. Its Beta app was tested in the wild, which is why its rating is so poor in the Google Play store – many users had issues with the beta builds. The official, public app allows viewers to view and upload pictures, but it also supports sharing, commenting, and engaging within the broader Imgur community. There will also be updates in the coming months that guide content creation and personalization. Whether this becomes a major player in the photo-app landscape remains to be seen, but for now it remains an important addition, and a profoundly new way to interact with one of the most popular photo-sharing websites on the web.