R/GA Announce Startup Accelerator

R/GA and Techstars announced an unprecedented partnership to form a startup accelerator around Connected Devices. Having already designed Nike’s FuelBand, R/GA has plenty of experience in the field, and in combination with the startup knowledge of Techstars they’ve chosen 10 companies to mentor in the three-month intensive program. The ultimate goal of the venture is to build connected products and services while providing business mentorship and brand consulting. From R/GA’s side, the accelerator makes sense as well; it keeps the company on the front foot in terms of innovation, and leverages new technology to keep them ahead of advertising and internal branding opportunities. And, at the same time, it keeps R/GA in touch with the connection of physical and digital realities, but in a quite visceral manner. What’s more, the Lab’s own Alexander Rea is one of several mentors on the project, so we’ll be sure to have all the latest details from the ground-breaking work happening in the accelerator. Stay tuned: the startups will be presenting their projects at a special SXSWi event in March, and to angel investors and R/GA clients in New York.