Why Microsoft Is Opening Up The Xbox

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Xbox users can soon expect a new array of apps to pop up on the gaming platform, as Microsoft is preparing a software development kit to be released later this year. This new SDK will allow developers to build universal apps for a variety of Windows devices, including the Xbox One, while fostering deeper integration across the Microsoft ecosystem. Moreover, it will buff up Xbox’s functionality by introducing third-party apps, moving it closer to becoming a true multimedia hub for the living room.

Pebble Donates Watches To Engineering Schools

In an effort to expand the functionality of its smartwatch, Pebble announced its new project aimed at getting the watch and its SDK into the hands of engineering students by donating over 4,000 units to universities like Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Standford, Virginia Tech, and others.  Right now, the market for smartwatches is still made up of early adopters, but by encouraging development of apps via their official SDK, Pebble, a frontrunner in the space, could potentially make the watches attractive to a more mainstream audience.  Only time will tell what comes of increased developer traction for the platform, but Pebble is looking like a strong competitor.

Apple Shakes Up Third Parties

appleadmob1Apple is shaking things up with developers. The issue most concerning for marketers is the damage Apple’s new policy may present for third party libraries, especially the one used in AdMob enabled apps.

At the root of the issue is a new application review policy Apple just implemented: All applications need to be compatible with their 3.0 beta firmware, rumored to be released in June. For many apps, this is all and good – the 3.0 firmware was designed to support the apps developed for the current system. However, there are a few exceptions. Continue reading “Apple Shakes Up Third Parties”