L’Oreal Targets Makeup Based On Your Outfit

We’ve seen product recommendations highly targeted online, but not so offline. Glamour is trying to bring product recommendations OOH, piloting kiosks in subways which recommend products after detecting the colors of your outfit. While the targeting parameters are novel, it remains to be seen if shoppers open to purchases in these pop-up style environments.

Interactive Maps: Coming to a Subway Platform Near You

Some NYC subway stations are about to receive a functional boost in the form of interactive subway maps designed by Antenna Design, the firm also responsible for the ubiquitous MetroCard vending machines.  The tall (6 foot, 4 inch) screens will also serve up advertising administered by CBS Outdoor and Control Group, providing an opportunity for savvy advertisers to serve interactive ad experiences to a captive audience during the (hopefully) short wait on the platform.  The primary purpose of the screens is to provide information to travelers, so ads may be suspended with a simple tap.  The program is expected to remain in beta through 2015 at 16 of the busiest stations in MTA’s system.