How Coca-Cola Created A Buyable TV Ad

What Happened
Coca-Cola Israel teamed up with Gett, a car-hailing app popular in Israel, to create a TV ad that prompts viewers to buy a package with two bottles of Coke and a branded mini-cooler. Using an ultrasonic audio signal technology developed by startup DOV-E, the TV ad activates smartphones with the Gett app installed to deliver a notification which users can swipe to see the offer and make the purchase with one tap. Orders will be delivered straight to their door by Gett within minutes.

What Brands Need To Do
This innovative ad is a brilliant example of marrying on-demand delivery service with traditional TV commercials via the second screen, thus making traditional TV ads interactive and buyable. As consumers get increasingly accustomed to the convenience and expedition offered by ecommerce leaders like Amazon and on-demand delivery services, it is imperative that brands, particularly those in the retail and CPG categories, start exploring new forms of advertising and adding interactive, digital layers to their traditional ads to engage viewers and move them down the sales funnel.

For more information on how smartphone-powered shopping experiences are impacting the customer journey, check out the Boundless Retail section in our Outlook 2016.


Source: PSFK

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Google Brings Dynamic Ads To TV

What Happened
Google is making another play for a piece of TV ad spending with the introduction of a new dynamic ad tool. With DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion, TV broadcasters and content distributors will be able to customize the in-stream ads to deliver more relevant commercials. This new ad product is powered by Google’s cloud service and works for both live TV and on-demand content. Google tested it last year with the Rugby World Cup Finals on French network TF1 and during the Republican Presidential Debates on Fox News. The setup currently works with AMC Networks, MCN, Roku, and Cablevision in the US and Globo in South America. Along with this new dynamic ad tool, Google is also adding live TV listings to its search results to help media owners reach more people.

What Brands Need To Do
The announcement came at an interesting time as Google attacked TV ads earlier this week with a new study reporting that YouTube ads offer higher ROIs than TV in 77% of cases. By making TV ads dynamic and customizable, Google is offering brand advertisers a way to make TV commercials more like data-driven digital ads. For brands wishing to make their TV campaigns more effective and targeted, this new tool should be worth a try.


Source: Marketing Land

Online video ads get more attention

YuMe and IPG Media Lab, recently partnered on a research project to track relative attention level to video advertising in a lean forward PC experience vs. a lean back TV experience.  Specifically, we wanted to know:

  1. Do people pay attention to online video differently than they do when watching TV?
  2. If people have the option of avoiding advertising, will they, and how does it differ?
  3. If the experiences of watching TV and Online Video are different, should an online ad impression be valued the same way that TV ads are?

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