Facebook Debuts New Ad-Buying Product to Woo TV Ad Buyers

What Happened
Facebook has stepped up its ad game by introducing a new way for advertisers to plan, buy, and measure video ads on its platform in junction with their TV campaigns. Dubbed Target Rating Point (TRP) buying, the new tool is aimed wooing TV ad buyers by speaking to the top advertisers in the kind of language that they are familiar with, such as “ratings points” and “GRP.”

What Brands Need To Do
By offering the major ad buyers an easy way to plan and track their Facebook campaigns along with their TV buys, Facebook is no doubt trying to position its video ads as the perfect second-screen complement to TV ads. In the past year, Facebook has seen exponential growth of its natively hosted videos, as the social network recently reported 4 billion video views per day, 75% of which come from mobile devices. Brands wishing to reach viewers across multiple screens should consider utilizing this new offering from Facebook.  


Source: Digiday

Online video ads get more attention

YuMe and IPG Media Lab, recently partnered on a research project to track relative attention level to video advertising in a lean forward PC experience vs. a lean back TV experience.  Specifically, we wanted to know:

  1. Do people pay attention to online video differently than they do when watching TV?
  2. If people have the option of avoiding advertising, will they, and how does it differ?
  3. If the experiences of watching TV and Online Video are different, should an online ad impression be valued the same way that TV ads are?

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