What Google Incorporating Tweets In Search Results Means For Brands

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Back in February, Twitter started delivering ads to third-party websites and apps in a move that granted it access to a wider audience. Now, Google’s mobile search has become the latest place where tweets are showing up, as the search giant continues to look to social media for more real-time updates.

Such a partnership makes it harder for brands to control the conversation as audiences may now be exposed to brand-related social chatters. Therefore, it is important for brands to figure out new SEM strategies for more effective and relevant marketing on Twitter.

Twitter Reveals Mobile App Install Ads

After months of talk about whether Twitter was going to delve deeply into mobile marketing, the company announced that it will debut mobile app install ads as a beta product today. The ads will run as a part of Twitter’s mobile app as well as on MoPub, Twitter’s recently accrued mobile ad network. The goal, of course, is to build revenues across the board as Twitter continues to struggle to post revenues after its IPO, and today’s news will give the company’s investors hope that Twitter is heading in the right direction. Twitter has a few partners immediately lined up for the release, including Spotify, HotelTonight, Deezer, Get Taxi, and others. 

Facebook: Soon With Commercials?

Facebook is ready to bring auto-playing videos to your mobile news feed in a bid to make videos a more attractive option for users.  Videos will auto play without sound while in the context of the feed, but a simple tap will expand the video to full screen and unmute the audio.  This a proposed solution to the problem that Facebook’s video platform is ineffective from the mobile creation environment all the way to playback, and could bring far more videos to your news feed in the near future.  If that happens, that could also mean video ads blending into the news feed in the same way.  Video ads are a potentially lucrative source of revenue for Facebook, with estimates placing the cost of distributing a 15 second video for one day on the platform between $1 million and $2.4 million.

Instagram Announces Ads

Instagram announced that it will be bringing advertising to the platform within a few months; users should expect to see ads appearing natively in their feeds by the holidays. The idea is to coerce advertisers to use as natural an image as possible, to make it ‘fit’ into the feed without disrupting the flow that makes Instagram as widely used as it is. An example Coke ad shows a couple in the water while one of them is floating holding a can of Coke. If you don’t like an ad, you’ll be able to remove them with a click.