50% Of Parents Plan On Purchasing E-Readers

The holiday season is always a big indication of technology’s popularity, and this year is no different. It appears that this year, parents will be looking towards E-Readers as the go-to item of choice; according to eMarketer, Polling found that 46% of US adults with children ages 2 to 13 who read ebooks planned to purchase a device on which their children could consume such content. As e-readers become the preferred method of consuming books, the market will be bourgeoning into the new year. If these 2013 holiday trends are anything to go by, we could be seeing new e-readers continue to take the spotlight for the foreseeable future. 

Amazon Brings Kindle Fire X Ray Service To TV Shows

Amazon has rolled out it’s X Ray service to TV Shows, surfacing IMDB information to provide more background on the show. It’s an extension of their support for movies and will be available for most popular shows. While many content providers are relaying this information through second screen integration, Amazon is creating simple software features on the first screen that do not take away from the experience.

Ereaders On The Decline

If you haven’t heard the mention of ereaders in a few weeks, it’s for good reason. The growth of tablets appears to be phasing out the single-task device according to a recent report from isuppli. The study  predicts sales to decline 36% by year-end with just 7 million units on the market in 2016. The optimal reading display and superior battery life seem to be the two features keeping ereaders afloat.