Whole Foods Jumps In On Pro-Social Marketing

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On Monday, Whole Foods introduced its first national brand marketing campaign, proclaiming that the national grocer provides value to shoppers through the eco-friendly standards it follows in deciding how to stock shelves.

This new campaign is the newest example of a popular trend on Madison Avenue known by terms such as “conscious capitalism,” “purpose marketing” and “pro-social marketing.” The idea is to appeal to prospective customers — especially the socially conscious millennials — by persuading them that a company operates in a socially responsible manner. It is a marketing approach that brands such as ChipotleKiehl’s and Panera Bread all have been experimenting with for a while now.


What Is A CMTO, And Why Is It Important?

With today’s ever-shifting technology landscape, a new breed of marketing executives—the ones that are equally adept at marketing and technology—are finally getting the recognition it deserves. Sometimes labeled chief marketing technology officers (CMTO), these are the individuals who educate agencies on emerging marketing technology and equip them with the tools needed to engage today’s always-on customers. As crucial players in the future of marketing in our increasingly digital world, CMTOs are quickly becoming invaluable assets to any agency.

Mobile And Social See Digital Ad Spending Increases

Marketers are running with the excitement around mobile, social, and video with more advertising dollars. 65% of major US brands surveyed by the Association of National Advertisers in March said that they were increasing their investments in mobile, with only 10% reporting that they were decreasing spending in mobile. 55% of respondents said they were putting more dollars into social, and no respondents said they were decreasing this category of spending. Video reported the third largest increase, with two out of every five marketers reporting an increase in investments in video.  

Oreo Blackout Ad Was Only the Beginning

Oreo’s marketing touchdown during the Super Bowl has managed to rock more than just Twitter, and has foreshadowed what may be the future of marketing in general: brands reacting via social media to breaking news to compliment more traditional methods.  Every marketing agency in the world that let a collective sigh after the perfect Oreo ad went viral and became a news sensation as much as the blackout that triggered it watched and learned from the example, and examples of the new wave of social advertising are already cropping up.  After winter storm Nemo struck the east coast, Starbucks generated targeted posts in areas where local Starbucks stores had been forced to close by weather, offering free coffee.  As part of a multi-pronged approach, this sort of reactive marketing is seen as the way of the future, and during major media events of the next year, it is certain brands will be watching and waiting for their Oreo-Blackout moment.