Pew Research: Tracking For Health

Pew Research has released a new study on health tracking habits among Americans, reporting that seven in ten adults monitor a health indicator for themselves or a loved one. Additionally 21% say they use some form of technology to track their health data, whether via apps, devices or websites. Fitbit and Nike Fuelband have been some of the devices leading the way, leveraging community, achievements and powerful visualizations to motivate behavior.

Pew Research: Reading Habits In Different Communities

Pew Research has published a new report comparing reading habits across different communities. The findings indicate that 14% of readers read both an ebook and printed book in the past year with urban dwellers preferring ebooks far more than rural participants. More surprising is the fact that 58% of Americans still have a library card. Check out the full study at your library for more insight.

Pew Research Tackles Consumers Privacy Concerns

A new Pew Internet Project and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society report called Parents, Teens and Online Privacy indicates that 46 percent of parents are “very concerned” about how much information advertisers collect about their kids, with another 35 percent saying they’re “somewhat concerned.” These fears rank only slightly behind concerns about reputation management and interactions with strangers online— indicating that a popular push for increased regulation could certainly be in the cards in the years to come.