Facebook To Roll Out “Reactions” Emojis In Coming Weeks

What Happened
Expanding from the simple Like, Facebook is finally ready to launch what it calls “Reactions” to its platform after months of limited testing in foreign markets. The new Like button will give users five emojis to properly express their reactions toward the content they come across on Facebook, such as surprise, anger, and sadness. Facebook says the new feature will be available worldwide in “the next few weeks.”

What Brands Need To Do
As we noted when Facebook announced the feature, this expansion of the Like button can provide brands with a new tool to accurately gauge consumer sentiment. Now with this feature coming soon to all users, brands will no longer need to rely on third-party analytics firms to run sentiment analysis to measure customer feedback on Facebook. Brands with a Facebook presence need to learn to closely monitor Reactions and adjust communications strategy accordingly.


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Twitter Debuts New “Brand Hub” To Track Audience Sentiment

What Happened
Earlier today, Twitter unveiled a new ad product named Brand Hub for tracking brand conversations across its platform. Within the hub, marketers and advertisers can dig into what Twitter users are saying about their brand, highlighting the top phrases they use and tracking indicators of brand loyalty and purchase intent. A brand new metric called TrueVoice was also introduced to help advertisers track the share of a conversation a brand takes up compared to its competitors in real time.

What Brands Need To Do
With Brand Hub, Twitter is offering brands a new tool to accurately gauge customer reactions and more accurately measure their sentiment, eliminating their need to resort to a third-party analytics services. The new TrueVoice metric can be especially helpful in highly competitive markets where a brand has to take control of real-time social conversations and see how it stacks up with major competitors so as to adjust communications strategies accordingly. Overall, it aims to provide brands with valuable insights into audience sentiment, something that all brands can learn a lot from.


Source: AdWeek

Facebook To Enable Easy Social Listening For Marketers

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Facebook is looking to help advertisers better understand what people are talking about with a new “Topic Data” social listening tool. It mines Facebook posts for keywords and phrases for insights into how users feel about a particular brand, event, or subject. The social media giant claims that all information used for topic data will be anonymized and aggregated, and it is partnering with DataSift to help develop and scale the topical data.