Snapchat Makes Super Bowl Ad Debut; 50% Feature Hashtags

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Among all 56 commercials aired nationally during last night’s Super Bowl, hashtags made an appearance in half of them. From Budweiser’s #BestBuds to Nationwide Insurance’s #MakeSafeHappen, marketers are putting the universal search tag across major social platforms into good use, as social activities on second screen continue to rise.

Moreover, Snapchat made its Super Bowl debut with a featured nod at the end of trailer for Pitch Perfect 2, whose target demo matches with the messaging app’s young user base quite well. Overall, Facebook still takes the top spot as the most mentioned social media with 4 mentions, with Twitter closely behind with 3 nods.

Here’s How Marketers Are Using Mobile At This Super Bowl

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The National Retail Federation estimates that the average American will spend $77.88 on Super Bowl-related spending this year. And this year, mobile, specifically location-based mobile ads, is playing an important role. Unlike the winter holidays where consumers often turn to online shopping, the bulk of the Super Bowl spending is centered on in-store CPG purchases such as food and beverages, where mobile-enabled hyperlocal marketing shines.

Besides using the data collected from devices to measure effectiveness of television advertising, mobile can also be utilized by brands to cash in on the awareness generated by a television spot by serving users more targeted ads in the days after the game.


CBS Superbowl Stream

The Super Bowl is all about the first screen as viewers look for the most monstrous display to take in the action, but CBS also considered PC and tablet use this year providing a free stream of the game. Additionally, viewers could toggle camera angles, rewatch plays and receive web-exclusive ads. While twitter was likely the main second screen, CBS was able to extended their reach and interactivity online.

Oreo’s Winning Superbowl Tweet

A successful social media strategy relies on reacting to trends and staying nimble which is what made Oreo’s superbowl tweet a winner. Reacting to the blackout, Oreo promptly posted an ad with the slogan “you can still dunk in the dark”, resulting in 12,000 retweets. The key to their quick turnaround was having the creative agency and brand team in the same room on Sunday night.