2010 Super Bowl search marketing scorecard

(Reprise Media)This morning, Reprise Media released the 6th annual Search Marketing Scorecard on the Super Bowl, which ranks Super Bowl advertisers based on the level of integration between their television commercials and presence in search and social media –measuring how prepared each brand was to capture the demand created by their Super Bowl advertising investment. The Search Marketing Scorecard is the longest-running study of its kind.

The audience for this year’s Super Bowl was primed and ready for integrated campaigns. According to a recent comScore study, 1/3 of the 90 million people planning to watch the Super Bowl expected to log on to their computers during the game. Furthermore, One out of every ten viewers (or nearly 9 million people) were going to use their computers specifically to seek out advertiser websites. That sounds like an audience that’s not only interested in the ads, but interested in having real interactions with brands, which is what our study is all about.

So how did this year’s advertisers do?  Read full article here.

Horton hears a Hulu

(iStock)Last week the NY times reported on the insanely divergent number of Hulu users reported by Nielsen and comScore, both reputable measurement firms.  Nielsen reported 8.9 million visitors to Hulu in March while comScore counted 42 million. Nielsen also shows Hulu losing audience in April while still managing to add video views, also known as streams.

So who is really watching Hulu? And why isn’t Hulu countering with its own measurement numbers; assuming they manage their servers, couldn’t they tell the world who is hitting those streams? Continue reading “Horton hears a Hulu”

Online Hispanics are a lucrative target

Internet (TransCam via Flickr)A recent comScore report on the Hispanic Internet market found that the online Hispanic population reached a record 20.3 million visitors in February 2009 – representing 11% of the total U.S. online market.  Furthermore, among online activities, Hispanics ranked highest on Community (Teens); Gaming; Entertainment (Radio and Multimedia); Discussion/Chat, IM; and Music.

These findings should be of keen interest to US marketers, and (as all research findings), raise a couple of questions.

Why does the Hispanic market spend so much time online?

The answer to that question is two-fold. Hispanics, by nature, are an interdependent-interconnected culture – which is why we see them over-index on connected media (e.g. cell phone usage, social networking, blogging, etc.).  Any technology that facilitates connecting is high-value for the Hispanic consumer. Continue reading “Online Hispanics are a lucrative target”

ComScore: Biggest online money makers

This Money (jjjohn via Flickr)What are the top ten fastest growing sites online? And which of those are pulling in the most dough? comScore’s new “2008 Digital Year in Review” reveals which sites are succeeding, even in a difficult economic environment.

Breakmedia, whose sites cater to men between the ages of 18-24, saw 279% growth in 2008, by far the largest growth of the sites comScore lists. Glam Media which calls itself the “#1 women’s web property” (with sites such as Daily Olive and Chubby Hubby) witnessed 144% growth. The numbers are impressive, however, comScore notes both these sites achieved growth through acquisitions and partnerships.

A few other topline takeaways (we read the report so you don’t have to):

Continue reading “ComScore: Biggest online money makers”