3D Printed Gun Sparks Debate

This week’s 3D printing headlines illustrate that the revolutionary technology can be both a blessing and a curse. The world’s first fully 3D-printed gun “The Liberator” was successfully test-fired, setting off alarm bells with congressman like Steve Israel who vowed to ban such firearms.  Just days later Makerbot posted a video of 3D printed hands being built for kids with missing appendages.  It’s Wild Wild West days for the technology, but with endless possibilities looming there’s also likely likely to be new legislation, copyright issues, and serious public debate.  Hold on to your hats.

Are Curators The New Publishers? Flipboard Thinks So.

Flipboard has updated their social magazine that lets users create their own custom magazines, curating articles from other publishers, customizing covers and more. Users can also follow an individual’s magazine as well and purchase products via Etsy. Interestingly enough, the update lets anyone from an individual to a brand become a publisher with the eventual possibility of even sharing ad revenue if they get enough traction.   

YouTube Channel Launches On Satellite TV

YouTube continues to expand their distribution, now coming to Freesat satellite TV customers in the UK.  The joint venture between BBC and ITV brings free-to-air TV for over 60 channels and now includes an interactive YouTube app built on HTML 5. While the Freesat’s 1.7 million homes will not extend YouTube’s reach significantly, it’s a great example of digital content travelling across screens. Keep an eye on YouTube and Netflix as they continue to disrupt the living room.

CNET Withdraws Direct TV Hopper ‘Best In Show’ Award Amidst CBS Lawsuit

Direct TV’s Hopper DVR is a disruptive force in the living room. For starters, it allows simultaneous recording of six channels, mobile remote integration and an app ecosystem. But most disruptive of all is its ability to skip primetime commercials, which has caused CNET to withdraw its Best In Show CES honor awarded to the device following litigation from parent company, CBS. If that’s not proof enough that the Hopper is a gamechanger, I don’t know what is.