Windows Market Share Continues To Stagnate

Last month was the first full month of worldwide availability of the new Windows 8.1 OS, but according to data from Net Applications, Windows 8 and 8.1 gained just 0.05%, with Windows 8 falling 0.87% and Windows 8.1 jumping 0.92%. Interestingly, Windows 7 managed to gain more market share than Windows 8 and 8.1 combined, with a gain of 0.22%, a worrying sign for windows. Nonetheless, Windows still thoroughly dominates global market share, hovering at a cool 90.88% in total. So ultimately, the biggest concern has to be the slow adoption of the new operating systems rather than its global share more broadly.  

Amazon Incentivizes Developers With In-App Rev Share

Amazon is luring developers to their platform with a clever tie-in. Developers who choose to integrate Amazon purchasing into their apps via a linked Amazon account will earn up to 6% of purchases. The deal seems like a win-win as Amazon supports their dotcom and app ecosystem while developers gain another revenue stream. With that said, the Kindle series holds a slim 4% market share in the tablet space and will need to have a lot of developers buy-in if they want to have success over the next year or so. 

The Problem With Market Share

Think market share is the be-all end-all in terms of measuring success for Apple or Android? Then you may want to check out editorial from John Kirk breaking down the problems with that metric and why we might want to start considering a few more like, say, profit margin or product differentiation.