AT&T Courts Outdoor Advertisers With Dynamic Data

What Happened
In a bid to provide out-of-home (OOH) advertisers with better data and targeting options, AT&T has teamed up with Clear Channel to provide outdoor advertisers with more dynamic data aggregated from its mobile users. The program is titled AT&T Data Patterns, which promises OOH advertisers the ability to learn the number of people who pass by a Clear Channel-owned billboard or outdoor display, as well as detailed demographic stats about that group of people using AT&T’s wireless service, such as gender, age range, ethnicity, and income range.

What Agencies Need To Do
With AT&T Data Patterns, marketers using Clear Channel’s OOH network will be able to better plan their campaigns and place more relevant ads with the enhanced audience data that AT&T now provides. Of course, not every pedestrian is using AT&T’s service, but given the telecom giant’s customer base of over 126 million wireless users, it should provide a sample size big enough for marketers and agencies to mine some actionable insights from.


Source: AdAge

Partner Spotlight: ADstruc

With the transition to automated buying and widespread digital signage, outdoor media is about to explode. IPG Media Lab Managing Partner Chad Stoller was quoted in the New York Times this week, noting “Outdoor is one of the most undervalued media” in the landscape, and MAGNA GLOBAL estimated earlier this year that outdoor would grow 4.8% to a $7.3 billion industry. That’s why we’re particularly excited by ADstruc, a comprehensive solution to out-of-home buys and analysis, which is on the forefront of programmatic outdoor media.

How does ADstruc’s platform work?
ADstruc optimizes outdoor RFPs toward its inventory, which currently constitutes several hundred media networks across the country. That way, a media buyer can scan inventory, calculate an ideal expenditure, and then execute a buy without leaving the desk. For vendors, it’s a totally free marketplace.
It’s not over once the buy is executed, either. Unlike traditional outdoor, which ends once the media goes up, the platform maps your spend and tracks location-based social mentions to determine the media’s effect. Finally, ADstruc’s goal is to be a full-service outdoor platform, so it helpfully interfaces with analytics and billing platforms that media buyers and vendors use.
How can ADstruc change out-of-home media?
Outdoor signage is becoming progressively more digital — it’s currently 32% of the out-of-home market, and will grow as static media gets replaced. Markets like New York are fully embracing outdoor digital: digital media will fund the massive public WiFi project set to take over 10,000 obsolete payphones. And as outdoor becomes more digital, it will become more programmatic. To be able to change outdoor media at a click’s notice — sounds like the future to us.